Borough of Baldwin

Eric Revo sold the property at 608 Agnew Road to Douglas and Erica Cavill for $ 260,000.

Thomas Dedig sold the property at 307 Alan St. to Matthew and Kristen Kail for $ 260,000.

Midatlantic Modern Homes LLC has sold a property at 3107 Churchview Ave. to Raeanne Marie Rayburn for $ 167,000.

Bloom Engineering Co. Inc. sold the property at 5460 Horning Road to MBB Real Property Holdings LLC for $ 1,000,000.

Douglas Cavill sold a property at 5133 Janie Drive to Carley Malenka for $ 165,000.

Aileen Lyons trustee sold the property at 275 Jean Drive to Gita Baniya et al. and Mana Maya Chhetri for $ 215,000.

Kurt Verscharen sold the property at 1021-1023 Joseph St. to Scott Schuster for $ 162,000.

The estate of George Robertson sold the property at 5031 Leona Drive to Brian Robert Nelson for $ 189,000.

Dee Ann Sapienza sold the property at 521 Middle St. to Karmel Radan for $ 153,154.

The Robert Lamb estate sold the property at 3648 Wallace Drive to Richard Hess for $ 180,000.

Township of Baldwin

Regis Mullen III sold the property at 508 Highview Road to Adrienne Bernardina for $ 191,000.

Leornard Niemetz III sold the property at 2216 Romine Street to Robert Pokora and Samantha Elizabeth McGuigan for $ 190,000.


Margaret Lawson sold the property at 41 Bellanca Avenue to Branton Properties LLC for $ 105,000.

Martin Sobieralski Jr. sold the property at 3939 Brownsville Road to Carola Neumann for $ 290,000.

Tri River Assoc. 2 LLC sold the property at 4131 Brownsville Road to Taglyz II LLC for $ 873,000.

Thomas Garger sold the property at 2750 Churchview Ave. to SFR3 020 LLC for $ 53,000.

Kimberly Dodson sold the property at 65 W Bellecrest Ave. to SFR3 020 LLC for $ 73,000.

My Place Realestate LLC sold a property at 2924 Willett Road to George Lewis and Alexandria Stein for $ 147,000.

The Anthony Dicesaro Jr. estate sold the property at 3206 Willett Road to Deeme Investments LLC for $ 120,000.

Jefferson Hills

Frank Mikolaj’s estate sold the property at 141 Hollywood Drive to Cory and Kayla Marie Lotis for $ 145,000.

Anna Cotter sold the property at 1616 Jefferson Ridge Drive to Donald Meucci Jr. and Victoria Cotter for $ 57,000.

Pleasant Hills

Richard King sold the property at 109 Audrey Drive to Luke Garda and Brien Murphy for $ 63,000.

The Charles Barkey Estate sold the property at 246 Constitution Drive to Rattan Flips LLC for $ 121,000.

William Arre Jr. sold the property at 512 Old Clairton Road to Christopher Miller and Ashley Smith Miller for $ 215,000.

Maximilian Schoedel sold the property at 462 Sequoia Drive to Ryan Henry for $ 239,900.

Christopher Miller sold the property at 366 Temona Drive to Andrew Kraemer and Kaitlyn Willard for $ 170,000.


Trustee Ronald Markovich sold a property at the unknown address to Santosh and Pampha Baraily for $ 205,050.

Walter Bridges Jr. has sold a property to 5434 Lantern Hl Ext. to Brian and Kimberly Nicholas for $ 360,000.

Ariel Austero sold the property at 48 Shadow Drive to Justin Kaufman for $ 146,500.

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