Springbig’s latest retail integration with WM Store is designed to boost enrollment in a new loyalty program and increase the dispensary’s brand loyalty among loyal customers. Those who order through menus from branded retailers powered by WM Store will be able to easily view and redeem all the rewards and offers available on their Weedmaps account, and can opt for the retailer’s text marketing and loyalty programs at checkout.

“Consumers, brands and dispensaries will benefit from our latest loyalty integration with Weedmaps as cannabis purchases increasingly turn to digital platforms,” said Jeffrey harris, CEO of springbig. “We are constantly looking for new forays for cannabis companies to find and retain new customers, and we believe this agreement will allow retailers to remain competitive in this rapidly changing market. “

WM Store brings the Weed Cards directly on the branded websites of cannabis retailers, giving business owners the ability to customize product menus and create a more seamless digital ordering experience, which will now include access to loyalty portfolios and offers powered by springbig. This integration not only streamlines the experience of buying cannabis products, but also allows retailers to gain more comprehensive insight into their customers’ preferences and behaviors.

“As a technology leader and online SEO platform in the cannabis industry, we are not only committed to helping consumers discover and find the best deals available, but also to help retailers reach and retain those customers ”, said Justin dean, CTO of Weedmaps. “Our integration of WM Store with springbig is an exciting step forward as we work with retailers to develop technology solutions that further encourage customer loyalty. ”

springbig and Weedmaps will be hosting a free webinar and demo on Tuesday 29 June at 2 p.m. ET to share how the WM Store integration can help retailers create a streamlined ordering experience that builds customer loyalty. The session is open to cannabis retailers and industry professionals interested in how integrating loyalty programs can provide loyal customers with an easy way to redeem specials and rewards. Click here to sign up here.

About springbig
great spring is a leading provider of loyalty and communication solutions for cannabis dispensaries and retailers. Founded in 2017, springbig offers cutting-edge CRM programs that capture key customer data and integrate seamlessly with existing dispensary point-of-sale systems. The platform is also developing personalized cannabis loyalty software integrated with advanced marketing tools to retain customers and sends targeted and personalized SMS campaigns based on customer interest with an open rate of 99%. Springbig helps cannabis dispensaries and retailers keep their customers connected and engaged while allowing store owners to track their inevitable success and return on investment in real time.

About WM Business
WM Business is the B2B platform of WM Holding Company, LLC (“WMH”). WM Business cloud-based SaaS solutions include WM Orders, WM Store, WM Retail, WM Ads, and WM Exchange. WM Business tools provide an end-to-end operating system for cannabis retailers and they support compliance with the complex, disparate and ever-changing regulations applicable to the cannabis industry.

Founded in 2008, WMH is a leading provider of technology and software infrastructure for the cannabis industry, comprising the B2C platform, Weedmaps, and the B2B software, WM Business. Based at Irvine, California, WMH employs approximately 430 professionals worldwide. WMH supports remote working for all eligible employees and has hubs in Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, California; and Kitchener, Ontario. Visit us at www.weedmaps.com.

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