SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Mos, the startup that helps students get more college aid, today announces its Series A funding and launches a comprehensive guide for students on financial aid, tuition, and housing constraints during the COVID-19 crisis.

Student debt in the United States has skyrocketed to staggering levels $ 1.5 trillion, and each year, more than a million students do not apply for financial aid when they are entitled to it. Amira Yahyaoui, previously an influential Arab Spring activist in Tunisia, founded Mos to interrupt the cycle of skyrocketing student debt and unused government financial aid. Mos platform verifies over 30,000 eligibility criteria for students to access and aggregate all $ 135 billion potential government aid in a single request.

“Students shouldn’t have to spend their weekends filling out forms for grants and scholarships. It’s incredibly stressful and too easy to mess up, ”says Yahyaoui. “Unfortunately, the easiest way to pay for college today is to take out a big private student loan that can change the course of a student’s life. I think every student should get every dollar they can in funding. free and unconditional before accepting debt. “

To help fund their efforts to make financial aid and resources more accessible to students, Mos raised $ 13 million in Series A financing in a funding round led by Sequoia Capital with the participation of Stephen curry, founder of Zoom Eric yuan, Emerson Collective and Lux ​​Capital, among others. Former investor co-founder of Uber Garrett Camp’s Startup studio Expa also participated in the round.

“Mos opens new doors for students who want to go to college without taking on a lot of debt,” said Jess lee, partner at Sequoia. “As COVID-19 impacts the financial future of American students, they have never needed to be empowered and educated so much about their financial options. We are proud to partner with Amira and her team as they help students access financial aid. ”

Student Rights During COVID-19: The Ultimate Guide
In addition to providing a one-of-a-kind app for students seeking financial aid, Mos is directly responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed the lives of 20 million college students and 3.7 million high school students in the United States. United.

The company launches The Ultimate Guide to COVID-19 for students to address the lack of easily accessible and consolidated information and resources for students during the COVID-19 era. The free guide provides instructions, templates, and more. .

Mos created the guide after hearing from students about the anxiety, hardships, and deep uncertainty caused by the crisis. The guide is updated daily, combines expert knowledge in financial aid and education. Instead of just providing advice like most articles, it offers a set of email and letter templates that students can use right away to make effective housing inquiries, inquiries, postponements. payment and appeals in special circumstances.

“Lack of information should not cost young people their future. It should not be so,” Yahyaoui said. “Students have more rights than they think to defend their interests, to demand reimbursement of tuition fees and cancellation of the loan, to oppose evictions and to get their questions answered.”

From the first days of the crisis, Stephen curry has been instrumental in rapidly raising awareness and education around COVID-19. “This guide is exactly what students need right now: insight into the impact of COVID-19 on their education and the resources available to them to help them navigate the often complex process of financial aid. “said the six-time NBA All-Star. .

Millions of students are already eligible for professional judgment appeals related to COVID-19. Mos began by offering the guide to his network of 200,000 students, but wanted to do more to empower current and future students in the United States. The company therefore makes the guide available to the public and to any student, educator or parent looking for resources. .

The guide is available on Mos.com/covid19 For media inquiries, send email [email protected]

About Mos

MosAdvanced technology helps more students take more advantage of $ 135 billion in annual financial aid to the college with a single request. Founder Amira Yahyaoui is a well-known human rights activist who played a central role during the Arab Spring in Tunisia. She created Mos for a mission: To use technology to help citizens access their basic rights.

She decided to tackle university access first because she doesn’t think securing her future shouldn’t come at the cost of years of debt. Today, Mos’s platform checks over 30,000 eligibility criteria for students who complete their application and matches them with a personal financial aid advisor to ensure they receive as much help as possible. Already, it has been used by 200,000 students and their families. Mos, founded in 2017 is supported by Sequoia Capital and Arrive, a Roc Nation company.



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