N ° 1: Duplex station purchased 30,000 square feet To 2300, chemin de l’Ermitage in Richmond for $ 3.2 million of Foundry associates. Ben Bruni and Ryan fanelli with Commonwealth Trading Partners represented the buyer.

# 2: Waukeshaw Development purchased 255,000 square feet To 600 W. Wythe Street in Petersburg for $ 3 million of Battiston Realty. Susan jones with CBRE represented the seller.

# 3: Parkway Corp. purchased 0.761 acres To 101 W. Grace St., 115 N. Foushee St., and 3, 9 E. Grace St. in Richmond for $ 2.875 million of Jim’s family parking lot. Nathan Shor with SL Nusbaum Realty represented the seller.


# 1: River City Inclusive Gymnastics rented 7,600 square feet To 11248 Patterson Avenue in Henrico. Andy walsh with SugarOak ​​Realty represented the tenant.

N ° 2: Mom’s Siam 3 Asian Fusion Restaurant & Bar rented 6,576 square feet To 2400 Old Brick Road in Henrico. Connie Jordan Nielsen and Alicia brown with Cushman & Wakefiled | Thalhimer represented the owner and Reilly Marchant represented the tenant.

# 3: IvyRehab Mechanicsville VA LLC dba Spectrum Physical Therapy rented 6,024 square feet To 7225 Bell Creek Road in Hanover. Tribal Morgan and Jim McVey with Commonwealth Trading Partners represented the owner.

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SugarOak ​​Realty reports the following agreement:

Virginia Law Foundation leased 3,398 square feet at 4801 Cox Road in Henrico. Andy Walsh represented the tenant.

Joyner Commercial Real Estate reports the following transactions:

Global Executive Staffing has leased 1,100 square feet at 400A Southlake Blvd., Unit A2, in Chesterfield. Lebs Breeden represented the owner.

The Kitchen Classroom has leased 2,000 square feet 9004 W. Broad St. in Henrico. Todd Buttner represented the tenant.

One South Commercial reports the following transaction:

SSG Property purchased 63.64 acres at 2040 Genito Road in Chesterfield for $ 394,320. Ken Campbell represented the buyer.

Cushman and Wakefield | Thalhimer reports the following transactions:

Wash House leased 5,457 square feet at 5300 Chamberlayne Road in Henrico. Annie O’Connor and James Ashby IV represented the owner.

Oasis Salon Suites has leased 2,560 square feet at 1100-1108 Courthouse Road in Chesterfield. Alicia Brown and Annie O’Connor represented the owner.

Feinstein 360 Orthodontics has leased 2,000 square feet at 14628 Hancock Village Drive in Chesterfield. Reilly Marchant represented the tenant.

Recreation Destination leased 1,997 square feet at Mechanicsville Turnpike on Lee Davis Road in Hanover. Richard L. Thalhimer represented the owner.

A&B Tobacco has leased 1,400 square feet at 2120 S. Crater Road in Petersburg. Annie O’Connor and Alicia Brown represented the owner.

Frame of Mind leased 1,250 square feet at 2079-2099 Dabney Road in Henrico. Craig Douglas, Graham Stoneburner and R. Scott Douglas represented the owner.

CFA Training Center leased 1,050 square feet at 3400 Lauderdale Drive in Henrico. James Ashby IV and Reilly Marchant represented the owner.

Commonwealth Commercial Partners reports the following transactions:

Moser Originals leased 3,410 square feet at 6290 Old Warwick Road in Richmond. Colton Konvicka and Ryan Fanelli represented the owner.

Belle Cabana has leased 2,250 square feet at 1260 Alverser Plaza in Chesterfield. Ben Boykin and Ryan Fanelli represented the tenant.

DCCC Inc. leased 3,300 square feet at 2301 N. Parham Road in Henrico. Eric Hammond and Tucker Dowdy represented the owner.

Vanderbilt Properties purchased 0.05 acres at 127 N. 18th St. in Richmond for $ 150,000 from Rochelle Holding Co. Jim McVey, Michael Morris and Thomas Lynde represented the seller.

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