TNG has signed a new agreement with AGV Energy to collaborate on the project to integrate vanadium redox (VFRB) batteries with AGV’s green hydrogen production technology.

This will allow companies to explore opportunities for commercializing VRFB and technologies to produce green hydrogen.

Under the agreement, the two groups will enter into formal collaborative trade agreements in three proposed key areas.

One of them will be the integration of VRFB into HySustain, including for its first commercial application initially on the Malaysian Green Hydrogen project.

Besides this advancing opportunities for the deployment of HySustain in Australia and the deployment of VRFB in other commercial applications in Malaysia, are also key areas that the agreement will explore.

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HySustain is a technology that AGV Energy is developing, in collaboration with its partners, which produces green hydrogen and oxygen using the electrolysis of demineralized water and renewable energies.

This technology is well advanced based on the results of a test plant in Europe validating its operational and commercial feasibility with AGV in advanced discussions with potential hydrogen sampling partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

AGV Energy plans a gradual deployment of the scalable HySustain technology with the first commercial application planned in an advanced project in Malaysia.

The production of green hydrogen depends on the production of green electricity from 100% renewable energy sources, with AGV Energy intending to use specially designed and project-specific solar farms to provide the necessary green electricity. at HySustain.

VRFB, which offers large, scalable and long-lasting energy storage for solar power generation, is AGV Energy’s preferred battery system for integration with HySustain.

Paul Burton, CEO and Managing Director of TNG, said: “We are very pleased to have secured this partnership agreement with AGV Energy, paving an exciting way to collaborate with them on the development of their exciting HySustain green hydrogen technology.

“HySustain is a great opportunity to showcase an integrated VRFB storage solution. We also intend to work with AGV Energy on the potential deployment of HySustain in Australia, given the significant momentum in Australia and in the resource sector to move towards a hydrogen-based economy.

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