COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – Colorado Springs has the most popular real estate zip codes, 80906 and 80916, for 2021.

According to a New York Times article, homes in these zip codes only stay on the market for an average of four days before being sold.

“Currently in the 80906 area there are only 12 active properties so people are still shopping to try and find homes,” said Jachele Pfeifle, your Rocky Mountain Home team’s real estate agent.

Part of the demand is because people are looking for affordable housing near their workplace.

“People want to live in the Colorado Springs area, close to military bases. We have Amazon coming here close,” said Kari Hutchinson, your Rocky Mountain Home team’s real estate agent.

According to Casey Knowles of Ticket Mortgage, people are also moving to Springs, looking for homes that will rise in value.

“You know it provides a certain level of entry. You can get into a house, build equity and at that point if you wanted to move areas you would be in a better position to do that,” Knowles said.

Real estate experts predict that the housing wave is here to stay for the next several years.

“At the moment, they are not predicting a market shortage or slowdown. They are in fact predicting that house prices will continue to rise over the next three to five years,” Pfeifle said.

Listings in the southeastern Colorado Springs area saw a 36% increase in interest from the previous year.

Colorado Springs real estate agents advise acting quickly if you have a home you like on the market.

“A lot of houses when they’re put on the market on Fridays, they don’t even last until the weekend. It’s really important to take and get an accurate pulse on the market, and what you’re looking for that someone can stand up for you and whatever you want, ”Pfeifle said.

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