WASHINGTON (AP) – The State Department on Monday sought to maintain pressure on Russia over the Nord Stream of this country, opposed to the United States …

WASHINGTON (AP) – The State Department on Monday sought to keep pressure on Russia over that country’s anti-US Nord Stream 2 pipeline, sanctioning what the US has called society and ship related to Russia working on the project.

The United States has tried unsuccessfully to slow or stop construction of Nord Stream 2, which would transport Russian gas to Germany, fearing the additional leverage the energy project will give Russia in Europe.

Russian-controlled gas giant Gazprom owns the pipeline with investments from several European companies. The United States struck a deal with Germany, a key NATO ally, last summer to allow the pipeline to be completed without imposing U.S. sanctions on German interests involved in the project.

Monday’s decision targets a company, Transadria Limited, and one of its vessels that had worked on Nord Stream.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement that the Biden administration has now sanctioned eight people and 17 vessels linked to the pipeline.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the country could quickly increase the European Union’s natural gas supply once German regulators allow the new pipeline to enter service. Energy prices have skyrocketed in Europe, which imports much of its natural gas from Russia, and caused problems for businesses and households.

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