Gridtential Energy, the inventor of Silicon Joule bipolar battery technology, and flooded lead-acid battery supplier US Battery have entered into a formal agreement to collaborate on Silicon Joule bipolar battery technology.

Under the terms of the agreement, US Battery and Gridtential Energy will industrialize the bonding and hardening processes for bipolar plates. In addition, Joule silicon AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) bipolar batteries will be assembled and tested, using active material from American battery to further improve battery life, energy density, battery efficiency, rates. load and manufacturing capacity. As US Battery takes new performance milestones, the company will be well positioned to manufacture and market industry-leading bipolar AGM products.

Silicon Joule bipolar technology enables an innovative class of advanced lead-acid batteries with silicon at its core. It is a patented, low-cost, high-performance, design-driven energy storage solution that delivers power density, lifespan, dynamic load acceptance and a wider temperature range. , with a weight up to 40% less, while maintaining a full lead-acid battery. recyclability. All of this is accomplished while leveraging existing technologies from mature industry supply chains, enabling rapid scale-up through existing lead-acid battery infrastructure.

Terry Agrelius, CEO of US Battery, said, “US Battery hopes to combine the current life benefits of deep cycle lead-acid and lead-acid batteries that provide a low cost per watt-hour over the life of the battery. the battery with the advantages of high power density and increased lifespan offered by Gridtential Energy Silicon Joule bipolar battery technology. This combination could provide the necessary improvements for US Battery to better compete with advanced battery technologies currently on the market and proposed for future market development while maintaining the safety and recyclability of lead-based battery technologies.

John Barton, CEO of Gridtential Energy, said: “US Battery is an ideal partner for Gridtential. Leapfrog product innovation often begins with re-thinking about how best to use the core strengths of the business to make a disruptive decision. Gridtential offers a better way to build a battery with modern materials from the solar industry. US Battery management takes a smart approach, leveraging Silicon Joule technology with its organizational expertise in electrochemistry and battery manufacturing to create a new class of high performance products. Gridtential is proud to work with partners who are taking bold steps to accelerate the progress of the industry.

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