The US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has noticed an increase in the number of Navy personnel purchasing, using and distributing LSD – and although it has long since stopped regularly testing the drug, the agency is ready. to crack down on the military, in particular by rewarding informants.

“Recent law enforcement reports have revealed that an increasing number of people are turning to purchasing illicit substances through the dark web due to the perceived anonymity provided by tools like The Onion Router (TOR ), “he said in a recent memo. “They also use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to pay for their purchases.”

And lest the sailors think they can get away with it, the anonymity of those buying the drugs concerned, it seems, is far from guaranteed.

“While TOR offers anonymity by masking IP addresses, law enforcement uses a variety of investigative techniques to identify both buyers and sellers. Additionally, many cryptocurrency transactions are traceable.

The Navy and other armed forces have had a few high-profile incidents of LSD use and trafficking among personnel, including an incident in 2018 where several sailors pleaded guilty to possession and distribution of drugs including LSD and MDMA in Japan while serving in the nuclear department of the USS Ronald Reagan.

“As soon as new markets are established, law enforcement will endeavor to identify and seize these markets to the extent possible, leading each time to the arrest of users and vendors. “

Drugs for sale on the dark web are notoriously easy to find, and as NCIS acknowledges, efforts to shut down the drug market completely have not been successful. Instead, they often thrive in response to real-world demand, and sellers are changing their dark web activities in concert with global circumstances.

As coronavirus closures in various countries began this spring, for example, lists of various illegal drugs have exploded, their dealers looking for new customers now that bars and clubs were closed and the streets empty.

The risks for mariners of buying drugs on TOR and elsewhere, according to NCIS, not only include dangerously contaminated substances, but also a very high risk of falling under all kinds of enforcement agencies. laws, from international to local.

NCIS, for its part, “continues to use investigative tools – including source networks and informants – to identify and prosecute DON personnel who attempt to purchase LSD or other illicit substances on the Internet. dark web ”.

And maybe sailors shouldn’t trust their comrades in uniform to shut up. “NCIS offers rewards,” the agency concludes grimly. “NCIS can reward you for information that leads to a felony conviction.”

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