Some subscribers to the HBO Max mailing list received an unusual email Thursday night, with the company later admitting that it was sent accidentally.

Some HBO Max mailing list subscribers received unexpected additional content on Thursday night when an email with the subject line “Integration test email # 1” arrived in their inboxes. While it wasn’t immediately clear what the email was for, some thought it may have been cryptic marketing for a new show. In the end, the reason for the email was much more mundane and sparked a surge of support for interns everywhere.

HBO Max not only benefits from HBO’s highly rated content to watch, but also from the wealth of content from HBO’s parent company, WarnerMedia, such as Cartoon Network, DC, and TNT. This range of content is one of the reasons the streaming platform has been so widely praised since its launch last year and as a result it has already built a user base of nearly 50 million. people. Thursday’s correspondence, however, is a piece of content that subscribers to the service would not have anticipated.

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“Integration test email # 1 landed in people’s inboxes with only the line: “This model is only used by integration testing.” With mailing list subscribers taking to Twitter to express their confusion and amusement, HBO Max has finally revealed that the email had, unsurprisingly, been sent in error. In addition, it turned out that the incident had lived up to the age-old trope of the mistake made by an intern. HBO Max assured people it was “help them get through this.”

Reaction to HBO Max # 1 integration test email

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Needless to say, Twitter was on fire with people reacting to the dishonest email, some offering their sympathy and others simply reveling in the entertainment of it all. Microsoft Outlook’s Twitter account summed up what many others may have thought, saying: “Dear intern, we all hit the submit button before we had to. It happens to the best of us.” Former White House intern Monica Lewinksy was also supportive, writing: “Dear intern, things are getting better.”

On the lighter side of things, @byDavidGardner suggested Integration test email # 1 was “an intriguing new drama from HBO Max”, while @Mattvsfood nodded: “I hope the Integration Test Email will be renewed for a second season.” Elsewhere, @petersterne applauded HBO Max for the email, saying: “Congratulations to HBO Max on the successful integration test,” while @mitchellh simply wanted to help: “How do I notify the HBO person that their onboarding test was successful?” “

To finish, SEO the alarm felt by some Twitter users when they see a famous name appear on the platform, @squiliamfancy Free this crap: “I saw the trend for integration test emails and thought it was dead.” The accidental email was taken with good humor and had people sharing stories of their own similar incidents online – and it shows just how late an unsent delay like on Twitter and Gmail can be. precious.

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Source: HBO Max / Twitter

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