As promised, Facebook Pay is venturing beyond the borders of its home territory: the primary payment platform for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp is now landing on Shopify as a new way for customers to purchase products in merchant stores in the United States, the social media company announced on Wednesday.

The system, which is barely two years old, was launched as a way to transmit money inside the Facebook universe, primarily so that users could pay for digital or physical goods, donate to a company. charity or send money to friends. The Shopify rollout could dramatically increase the payment platform’s footprint, given the Ottawa-based retail tech giant’s $ 1.12 billion second-quarter revenue and $ 1.7 million. companies in more than 175 countries. This is just the beginning. The plan is to expand Facebook Pay to more platforms and payment service providers over time.

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The move is not entirely surprising, as the company has previously signaled its intention to expand Facebook payments outside of its own apps. The motivation also seems clear – and in case that’s not the case, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg shed some light on that during his June earnings call.

The expansion of Facebook Pay, he said, “means you’re going to start seeing it as a payment option on the web and especially in the web views you see in our app after clicking on ads. or other commercial content. Business experiences are now accessible in most of our departments, and we have a full roadmap of deeper integrations that I’m excited about for months to come.

The company’s payment offering is starting to look like a crucial part of its growing social commerce business. If more people use Facebook Pay, they may be more likely to purchase Facebook’s family of apps as well, as they already have accounts set up and credit card or bank information saved.

Already, other recent Facebook moves indicate the kind of ease and convenience that are likely in store for these shoppers. After announcing QR codes and payment links in June, which make it easier for Facebook users to send or request money, the company last month rolled out a new feature that allows users to receive cash. cash gifts directly through Messenger and other Facebook apps.

The latter looks like a cleverly designed way to get more people to the Facebook Pay platform. According to his blog, “Once you confirm your Facebook Pay information, the cash gift will instantly be deposited into your bank account.” The prospect of quick money seems like a pretty decent motivation to get people to sign up.

And once they get in, Zuckerberg & Co. bet they’ll stay and go shopping.

For its part, Shopify also has its own payment system, and it has big plans for that as well. According to the company, “Shop Pay will become available to all merchants selling in the United States on Facebook and Google, even if they don’t use Shopify’s online store, positioning Shop Pay to become everyone’s favorite checkout. merchants, whether they are on the Shopify Platform or not.

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