You can vote on behalf of those who do not have a vote. In this election, the future of hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients and thousands of undocumented immigrants who cannot vote is at stake … DACA recipients are pillars in our communities: they are 200,000 COVID-19 frontline workers, including 29,000 health workers, they raise 254,000 children as U.S. citizens, and pay $ 8.7 million in taxes annual.

Ilana Glazer, actress, comedian and creator of Cheat Sheet for the Voting Booth

Come on, my little one Vogue teens darling readers – yes, you, baby! If you are feeling helpless and disheartened about this election, I can feel you. We Americans are harassed and lied daily by the guy with the loudest mic. My mind and my heart are aching. But in November, we have the chance to change the course of our country towards a democracy, and we can do it. WE CAN DO IT, MY YOUTH.

Young people have shown that they are ready to lead the culture. The multiracial dynamic around the #BlackLivesMatter movement has proven it. Our generation, which is galvanizing itself around the climate crisis with the #FridaysForFuture protests, has proven it. Young people know what is important: the planet and its inhabitants. Holy shit! And the most effective and efficient way to keep our planet and its people safe, and to keep America going, is to vote.

Vote. Register to vote, make a voting plan and vote 45. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are our ticket out of this racist, fascist and authoritarian nightmare. That’s it. That’s what we got this year. Join me in being part of the process, and let’s make it our own.

Lashyra “Lash” Nolen, Class 2023 President, Harvard Medical School

To continue the work of abolition, we must uproot oppressive policies and create new ones. To build a world that uplifts the marginalized, we need elected officials who align with this agenda. So after the protests come the polls. One requires the other.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

In response to the unprecedented crises we face, we need an unprecedented response: a movement, like never before, of young people ready to rise up and fight for democracy and decency – and against greed, l oligarchy and sectarianism.

The good news is, you are ready to transform this country so that it works for all of us, not just the people at the top. You demand real action on climate change, on student debt, on protecting access to abortion and on ensuring health care as a human right. You say loud and clear that Black Lives Matter.

The bad news is that young people today are not voting the way they should. If young people voted at the same level as older people, we could absolutely transform this country. Many powerful people and companies are counting on you not to be involved. Don’t give them that satisfaction …

When people ask me why I have hope for the future, it’s because of you – the most progressive generation in history. Real progress takes place when young people take up the torch and say, “We are going to change the world”.

I believe in you.

Alexis McGill Johnson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood

In the first half of 2019 alone, more than 350 restrictions on access to sexual and reproductive health care have been introduced in almost every state in the country. Trump has appointed 200 judges for life appointments, including some who are opposed to abortion and IVF. Our health care system has been decimated, with a disproportionate impact on blacks and Latinos, the LGBTQ + community, women, immigrants and low-income families. The next Congress and the next president will also have to restore Title X, the national family planning program, which was dismantled by the Trump administration, and process the peak STI rates reaching epidemic levels, leading to another public health crisis as part of a pandemic.

Alice Wong, Founder and Director of the Disability Visibility Project

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