A new version of Windows gives Microsoft the opportunity to introduce new features, and one of them was unveiled this week, called Focus Sessions.

As reported by The Verge, the teaser for the feature came via Microsoft Product Manager Panos Panay, who posted the video which you can watch below on Twitter. It shows Focus Sessions, which seems to be built into the Windows 11 clock. Panos comments that it “has been a game-changer for me, especially with the integration of @Spotify”.

The Focus Sessions interface is divided into four sections, allowing users to create a number of tasks, view daily progress statistics, a “ready, set, focus!” »Section to trigger custom timers and an integration area where third-party services such as Spotify can be accessed. In the Panos sharing example, it uses the Spotify integration to select music playback for a targeted session.

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What is not clear is how open the integration section will be. Is this just Spotify or can other music services be selected? What other types of integration could be added before launch? The feature has not yet been included in a preview version of Windows 11, but the fact that Panay has shared some details suggests that it could be rolled out soon.

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