Xactly, the leader in revenue intelligence solutions, today announced its new integration with Gainsight, the leader in customer success. Combined with Xactly Forecasting, a one-of-a-kind solution that delivers unmatched accuracy by automating the sales forecasting process, this integration provides not only a holistic view of current account status, but a granular picture of current sales forecasts. several levels up to the health of an individual agreement. Now, armed with better visibility into customer sentiment throughout their journey, Xactly and Gainsight customers can optimize all stages of the sales cycle, creating more resilient, profitable and predictable revenue drivers.

Today’s revenue leaders are under immense pressure to bolster business performance, while trying to navigate a volatile economy. In fact, 93% of companies believe their existing revenue operating models cannot keep pace with constantly changing market conditions, and half of current sales managers say it’s now harder than ever to predict. reservations. To address this issue and help clients secure their revenue streams, Xactly launched its forecasting solution in mid-2020, which uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to automate and systematize the historically poor process. reliable sales forecasting, improving the accuracy of forecasting figures.

Gainsight’s platform facilitates the success of customers, aftersales, and product teams by providing a dashboard of the health of existing accounts to deliver ongoing value and increase Net Dollar Retention (NDR). By bringing data together under one solution from two primary revenue streams (new business leads and existing customer relationships), this integration provides an unprecedented review of the customer experience throughout the sales funnel. .

“Xactly is constantly innovating and disrupting the status quo to deliver exceptional value to our customers. The way of the future is intelligent revenue performance, and we are always exploring opportunities to partner with leading companies to help customers improve their business operations and stay ahead in a competitive market, ”said Chris Cabrera, founder and CEO of Xactly. “Unlike other solutions that only look to the future, Xactly’s new integration with Gainsight merges historical customer information with increased forecasting accuracy, giving revenue managers the confidence to call their numbers,” instead of relying on their instincts. “

“At Gainsight, we are focused on providing customers with increased precision and agility. Through this partnership with Xactly, we are opening up a new way to access and examine data from these two critical revenue streams, ”said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “Today’s evolving business challenges require that enterprise revenue managers fully understand the health of new and existing customer relationships, and, with Xactly, we are creating the capabilities – based on accurate and reliable data – to make this possible. “

Earlier this year, Xactly also released its End-to-End Platform for Revenue Operations (RevOps), which has helped organizations accelerate decision-making while breaking long-standing silos between marketing, sales and customer success. This set a new standard for data-driven revenue pipeline management, and Xactly pursues this goal through the integration of Gainsight, creating a solution for sales and account management teams and enabling organizations to develop shared strategies and indicators of success. Xactly’s 16-year proprietary data engine is powered by insights from Salesforce, Oracle and now Gainsight.

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