Business integration is a key catalyst for the growth of organizations today, empowering them to take control of processes, people, technology and data, driving growth and competition.

By integrating other business tools with their CRM systems, companies can streamline their business processes and operations. JB Music Therapy has leveraged the tools available from Zoho One to integrate its operations.

What does JB Musicotherapy do?

Located in Calgary, Canada JB Music Therapy consists of a team of Certified Music Therapists (MTAs) who collaborate, design and personalize therapy plans with their clients to help achieve goals such as improved mood, decreased stress, improved speech, increased concentration, advanced learning, reduced anxiety and retrieval of memories. The company was founded by a certified music therapist Jennifer Buchanan.

“We have a team of 21 people,” Buchanan explained. “Each therapist travels to various locations throughout the day and week, including online, to provide music therapy services. We also sell products such as books that explain what music therapy is. In addition to these products and services, I provide coaching to other healthcare entrepreneurs building their private practices in the community and presentations at teams and conferences.

JB Music Therapy presentations are provided in the form of talks and seminars that educate the public about what music therapy is and how music can improve one’s mental health.

“Everything we do revolves around music,” Buchanan explained. “But we disseminate this information in different ways. As Certified Music Therapists…we are trained to use very specific techniques with our clients that build a relationship to help them achieve their goals.

What is the business niche?

JB Music Therapy relates to the private health care practice and business niche.

“I would say our niche is music therapy within complex healthcare organizations serving people who would benefit from our services,” Buchanan said.

How did the business start?

Buchanan founded JB Music Therapy 30 years ago when she was fresh out of college.

“I graduated as a young music therapist and there was no job,” explained. “I was the 133rd music therapist in Canada and jobs were scarce.

Buchanan loves working in his community, so starting a private practice seemed like the logical solution.

“The only way I was going to be able to do this purpose-driven work was to create my own path,” she said.

What Zoho products do you use?

JB Music Therapy uses a variety of Zoho tools in conjunction with RCMP, including Shapes, Campaigns, Survey, Sign, To verify and To flow. In 2022, the company plans to start using Projects, also.

“It’s all so integrated now,” Buchanan explained. “Although [music therapy] is central to our work, it is our systems management that allows us to be able to do this successfully. And Zoho has given us a level of automation and systems that we’ve been missing for a long time.

Biggest wins?

According to Buchanan, JB Music Therapy’s biggest win with Zoho has been integrating various processes with Zoho One apps.

“It’s the fact that it’s all integrated and brings you back into the CRM,” she said. “That’s exactly what we needed.”

“In our world, it’s really wonderful for us to be able to go to one place and be able to have all of our customer management in one safe and secure place,” Buchanan added. “We’re able to run all of our campaigns and let people know when our new programs are available so they can sign up for those programs through the same system. Now everything is flowing for us. We also use our social networks directly through Zoho apps. »

The biggest challenge?

Before relying on Zoho One, Buchanan spent a lot of time researching information, which was the biggest challenge she wanted to overcome with new software.

“I had to research, and as a very busy business owner, having to research even the simplest thing is really frustrating and takes up unnecessary time,” Buchanan said.

How has Zoho helped?

Zoho apps saved Buchanan valuable time she needed as a business owner. The tools have also helped her better delegate tasks and processes to other staff, giving them tools to become experts in this area, while providing the supervision she needs in as a business leader.

“I have a staff member who takes care of our social activities, a staff member who takes care of our campaigns, and another who adapts really well to the flow of our forms. I can still see everything and approve everything, and delegate,” she said.

Future plans?

Buchanan says his future plans for JB Music Therapy’s use of Zoho are to continue to learn the Zoho One environment and improve his understanding of all of its features.

“Each of these apps is pretty layered,” she said. “I’m sure there’s a lot more to learn in each of the apps. I want to make sure we continue to learn all aspects of the different apps themselves.”

Specifically, Buchanan wants to ensure that it maximizes the Zoho integration opportunities available.

“I want to make sure that we maximize this integration that I welcome,” she said.

“The reason I like the concept of projects is that it will help our team work towards our larger organizational goals, which will include new partners that we want to bring into the business. So once what we call COVID is over and we can start growing, I can’t wait to see how Zoho will help amplify our growth even further.

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