The enterprise software market continues to soar, with small and medium-sized businesses demanding all-in-one software solutions to meet a variety of business needs. However, the market lacked a low-code solution that allows business users and IT professionals to create end-to-end processes. So far, that is.

With the March 3 launch of its new version of Creator, Zoho is responding to the demand for a low-code platform with the sophistication needed to develop enterprise-ready end-to-end scalable tools. the Zoho Creator Platform supports all levels needed for a complete low-code experience, including authoring, management, integration, and analysis.

What is Zoho Creator Platform?

Zoho Creator Platform is a cloud-based software tool that allows users to build custom applications without any coding knowledge or experience. Launched in 2006 and updated several times since, Creator offers a low-code solution for companies looking to increase their productivity and boost their digital transformations.

With the latest version of Creator, Zoho hopes to become a strategic partner with its users, helping businesses fully leverage what low code can do for their organizations, making information available and accessible while automating processes to support transformation. digital.

The latest version of Zoho Creator Platform fills a gap in an evolving market landscape filled with many low-code builders who fail to deliver unified solutions including integrations, automation, analytics, and business intelligence. By integrating data and digital processes, the Zoho Creator platform helps its users create agile solutions for business users and IT teams. For example, enterprise developers can build scalable low-code solutions such as apps with integrations, analytics, and process automation without relying heavily on IT support.

“With this update, Zoho’s Creator Platform combines app development, integrations, process automation, business intelligence, and analytics into a single platform while simultaneously empowering IT teams to effortlessly manage security, compliance, and governance issues,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho Chief Evangelist. “Now organizations can take advantage of a unified solution for all their low-code needs, extending the capacity for innovation to every employee.”

A unified solution

Although there are many low-code solutions in the enterprise software market, they generally prioritize ease of use or application complexity. With platforms that focus on ease of use, problems arise as an application grows in maturity, complexity, and sophistication. Users can reach what insiders call a low-code glass ceiling where they are unable to add certain complex functionality to an application to solve a problem or improve a process because the platform is only designed for the initial stages.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are platforms aimed at IT teams that focus on application complexity and offer more elaborate configurations. Although these programs can create powerful and complex applications, they are not software tools that a professional user could effectively use in hours or even days to get an application up and running. The Zoho Creator Platform offers a unified solution that includes the best of both worlds with a tool that can be used by both business users and developers.

“On the creator front, we’ve tried to make this not-too-complicated, not-too-easy Goldilocks way, an end-to-end unified platform on both ends of the spectrum,” says Zoho Creator Chief Evangelist Tejas Gadhia. . . “So in every feature we offer, we want to make sure there’s point-and-click or drag-and-drop or some type of access to configure anything a business user would want. Meanwhile, everything is programmatically available at the same time.

New Zoho Creator Platform

The Zoho Creator platform provides innovative business solutions in three key areas, with supporting functions for each available from a centralized dashboard.

To construct

Users experienced with Zoho Creator know they can use it to create custom business solutions, and the traditional features are still available. The Zoho Creator platform still includes the same low-code authoring features as other platforms with basic databases, forms, reports, and charting, along with workflows, capabilities design and mobile access – all the building blocks for building an app.

To integrate

The Zoho team found that around 85% of their customers integrate the program with a third-party system to achieve their ultimate business goals. The new Zoho Creator platform further facilitates this need for integration by providing more unified control in terms of permission sets. This allows users to build integrations with a focus on privacy, data security, and compliance.


Analytics has remained a key missing element in the low-code enterprise software market. Although some products offer integration capabilities, analytics are still limited beyond basic reporting before the Zoho Creator platform. Now, Zoho Creator customers can generate insights based on existing data in the Creator app and third-party apps.

“Being able to generate insights has always been a challenge because you usually have to connect it to some kind of third-party business intelligence tool,” says Gadhia. “Then you need to know how to use these tools, which means you need to know how to run SQL queries and do a bunch of configuration to get a glimpse of how the data looks.”

The Zoho Creator platform, however, brings the analytics capability with a built-in BI engine to help app developers get real insight into the data they collect in their apps, instead of relying on basic reporting levels.

Zoho Creator Platform Innovations

The new Zoho Creator Platform provides unified low-code solutions for small and medium businesses through a variety of market innovations, including:

  • the Creator of unified solutions helps users create, integrate, analyze and manage their business solutions from a central dashboard.
  • Creator saves time with process planan intuitive drag-and-drop authoring tool that graphically reconstructs each step of a business process, assigning responsibilities and automating actions.
  • The new Zoho Creator platform includes Zia, a artificial intelligence wizard which helps developers import data, create data models, automatically detect relationships between data, and more.
  • With the integration status dashboardCreator users can clearly view and monitor how each integration is working.
  • The first in the industry built-in business intelligence and analytics engine now included with the Zoho Creator platform, it helps users derive valuable business insights from the data residing in their applications.
  • With centralized governanceIT teams can manage low-code development with features like granular role-based access controls, comprehensive audit trails and backup options, an application IDE, and dashboards to view and manage users.

Zoho Creator Platform Pricing

The Zoho Creator Platform offers competitive prices, starting at just $25 per employee, after a 15-day free trial. The Professional plan, which costs $25 per user, per month billed on an annual basis, includes five apps and 20 onboarding streams.

Users can upgrade to the ultimate plan for $400 per month for up to 10 users, which includes unlimited apps, 100 onboarding streams, and unlimited analytics. Additional users can be added for $25 each per month, and there are no cancellation penalties.

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